Kokedama Hanging Moss green moss bear grass
Kokedama Hanging Moss tan moss bear grass
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Kokedama Bear Grass Hanging Moss Ball


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Made to order, will ship in 3-5 Days.

• This listing is for a single Preserved Kokedama.

• Your Kokedama will be similar to the images in our gallery - but remember that natural variations will occur between each unique piece.

• Includes: moss ball (minimum size of 4“ or slightly larger), Bear Grass, approximately 50” of string in color green. 

• Instructions: For indoor use only. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bright indirect light is fine. DO NOT WATER. Detailed instructions are included with shipment.

• If you'd like a different size or style let us know. We offer custom sizes and a variety of plant materials if you have something specific in mind. Just ask us!

Kokedama is an elegant Japanese-style bonsai. The word Kokedama means “moss ball.” Hang them from the included string or place them on any surface - it’s a unique way to display an indoor garden! Surprise a loved one - Kokedama is also an exotic and uncommon gift.

Living Kokedama are beautiful, but they often require more care than even a typical potted houseplant! Artisan Moss Preserved Kokedama use naturally preserved 100% real plants, with ZERO maintenance. We create sustainable, versatile and beautiful Kokedama using a variety of botanical materials. All of our preserved plants are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. With Artisan Moss Kokedama, you simply hang and enjoy - no watering or upkeep involved!

Made with exceptional care and craftsmanship, each Artisan Moss Kokedama is an original, unique work of art.



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